About Cremation

We often talk to families, and find that many have had no experience in dealing with making arrangements for a cremation. New cremation providers have emerged through the internet, and we caution consumers to ask important questions to know who those providers are and what level of service is being provided:

Location Known location and hours of operation Distant or web only?
Family owned, known owners
A large corporation with a distant address? Individual experimenting with new business? 
Longevity of Service
Fourth generation in business over 130 years
Individual providing service long term or will they cease business temporarily or permanently without notice? 
Availability 24 hours a day, talk to a live person Available through web only? Leave a message and wait for call-back?? 
When the death occurs
Professional funeral home staff respond with proper equipment and vehicles Local, or distant needing to subcontract call to cover distance issues. Will a professional vehicle and equipment be used, or their personal vehicle or cargo van? 
Where is my family member? Transferred directly into our care  Taken to a distant location, with extended transfer times due to multiple stops?
Holding facility prior to cremation
 Professional,dignified, secure, refrigerated, and spacious pre-cremation holding room Location of deceased known? Is refrigeration used? Secure area? Dignified care?
Crematory High quality, local state of the art crematory with 30 year history with certified crematory operators
A discount provider not having a crematory, but subcontracts cremation with lowest cost crematory. Adds to potential turnaround time.