About Pre-Planning

Pre-arranged funerals have become a popular choice for people who want to make their funeral arrangements prior to their death. Pre-need, or pre-paid funerals as they are sometimes called, can be set up in one of two ways. A person can either make the funeral arrangements and the funeral can be paid for after their death, or a person can set up an irrevocable trust, which guarantees the price of the funeral until the person's death. The key advantage to a pre-need funeral is that it takes some of the burden away from the family, during a time where they would normally be required to make funeral arrangements. It also allows a person to ensure that his or her funeral is planned exactly as he or she would like to have it.

Key Benefits
- Price can be guaranteed on a pre-paid funeral.
- Helps to take the burden of making arrangements away from the family.
- Allows a person to have more control over the arrangements of their funeral.